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LifeStraw steel water filter is essentially a straw that filters contaminants in questionable water, making it safe for drinking. It has a steel exterior and contains a replaceable carbon filter that offers two-stage water filtration. Consequently, it reduces the odor and taste. LifeStraw steel water filter is made by Vestergaard, a company that started manufacturing water filters mainly for use in Africa, where access to clean and safe water for drinking is not assured. Its main purpose is to rid water of contaminants. These include; bacteria, protozoa, and viruses. The personal water filter is for individual use. It will switch water from any water source to 99.9999% safe drinking water.


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Individual review

My LifeStraw steel personal water filter came enclosed in a stainless steel exterior. Just as the original Life-straw, I have used it on my hikes and family camping.

The instructions for use were quite easy. Using the LifeStraw steel is no brainer. Unscrew both caps, the one on the drinking end and the one that gets into contact with the water source. I did my dry run inside my house before venturing out and exploring. For one, to get water flowing I had to suck a little hard, from there the water flows with relative ease.

In the outdoors, I have found it important to blow out air before I suck in the water. This allows me to clear any micro-debris that may be trapped in the filters. It is also crucial to blow out once you finish using it. This eliminates any water and debris trapped in the filters during its use, making its next use relatively easier. This is not so much for this life- saving piece of equipment.

The ease of use of this product makes it somehow enjoyable to use, wait, I have enjoyed using LifeStraw steel in my outdoors.


For $ 50, the LifeStraw steel personal water filter is a product that I gladly bought. Knowing that it could one day save my life, it has quenched my thirst when dehydration attempts to ruin the beauty of my hike. It has proved convenient and easy to use. For weighing only slightly above 5 Oz, it fits perfectly in my backpack when am on the running trail. It is so light; you wouldn’t feel it on your backpack that is if it is the only item.

Convenience comes to mind in the description of my use of the LifeStraw steel water filter. In my hikes and runs, I have realized that a sudden surge of thirst when I see water however mucky, from a stream, a lake or spring it has always come to my aid when thirst is killing my good time. With LifeStraw steel I have replenished just on time.


Sucking water up the filter can be surprisingly effortful, this I noticed when using my filter at home while testing it. It requires quite some force to get the water up the drinking end. While this is not life-threatening. Anyone in the outdoors will be able to do this. For my small child, it was daunting. I had to get the water up the straw for him to continue his drinking.  You have to prime the straw by sucking quite hard for some minutes.

Besides the hype about the durability of the LifeStraw steel water filter, I was unpleasantly surprised to read in the manual that straw is not as durable as steel is supposed to be. So please, do not drop your filter on purpose or go on to use the product roughly. It will not stand.

Form my previous experience in using the LifeStraw steel is that the replaceable carbon filters were not in stock for a couple of months. This caused me to make another purchase. Once the filters were available, you can guess I stocked up enough for back up. This is not to say that the LifeStraw steel is substandard, but still, this company needs to ensure replacement stocks are available. Currently, the replaceable carbon filters are available.

Buyer guide

In the purchase of a portable personal water filter, you may explore several options that cater for your needs. The Katadyn pocket water microfilter weighs 7.4 ounces. It’s a little heavier than LifeStraw steel and with a price of USD 287.1 hard on the pocket but has great results.

For $ 29.99 you have the Survivor Filter which weighs 3.5 ounces. It will serve you on your outdoors and guarantee safe drinking water. The Survivor filter is known for its capacities for water filtration and sturdiness.

H20 Survival water filter travel straw is another choice for the outdoors. It is so small; you would not believe it is a water filter. With this one, you have to be careful where you keep it. It is more or less a pen in size. With a price tag of $20.98, it will also give you value for your money. However be prepared to suck hard.

Why Choose LifeStraw Steel

LifeStraw steel definitely has an edge over other water filters that I have used. Its durability is unsurpassed. You can confidently use it on rough terrains without worrying about its integrity over minor drops. It decontaminates water with a rate of 99.999%, if this is not perfect I wonder what is. Portability and ease of use are its other major merits. You do not need a Ph.D. to understand how to use it correctly.

It is reasonably priced and given that its manufacturer has a solid authority in water filters, you are guaranteed that what you are using is made for the purpose. Trusted by me, and several other million users, it is my choice. It is my choice, in comparison to other water filters, LifeStraw steel is easily the best in its class.


LifeStraw steel stands out among personal water filters for its specifications and abilities. The fact that it has a steel exterior and near perfect, well, perfect filtration results make it one of the best, if not the best. Its steel exterior enhances its durability. Compared to other filters in the market, it is the choice for anyone who seeks a water filter that does its job perfectly and still withstands rough conditions. You will drop the LifeStraw steel water filter without the worry of permanently damaging it.

LifeStraw provides water filtration solutions from the proceeds of your purchase. You will be glad you bought it, first by the convenience it avails you in your hike, camping, and travels. Secondly, you will know that you helped a school, child or family in rural Africa access safe drinking water.

It is reasonably priced and serves its purpose perfectly. LifeStraw steel is definitely the water filter to go for if durability and quality of filtration is your criteria.

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