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LifeStraw Personal Water Filter



LifeStraw Personal water filter is a feasible piece of equipment for the;  traveler, camper, hiker and anyone who fancies the outdoors where the quality of available water could be compromised. This piece is a complete LifeStraw first use instructions.

LifeStraw Personal water filter is as portable as its name. It weighs a mere 2 Oz. Let its size and weight not dupe you into doubting its capacities. It is revolutionary technology that fits in the size of a straw to deliver out of this world water filtration.



To say the least, Life Straw personal portable water filter will remove bacteria, and protozoan’s – the bugs that make you sick with an efficiency of 99.999%.

Who does not need this?

This is the function of LifeStraw, to get rid of contaminants and deliver you clean, safe and drinkable water. It is peace of mind, in a straw. Read more here

lifestraw Water Filter



LifeStraw Personal water filter is particularly light, 2 Oz. It has a weight that you would not feel. It measures 9’’ (22.5 cm) in length and 1’’(2.5) cm. This makes it easily one of the lightest and most portable personal water filters.

The brand LifeStraw sets a precedence of exceeding the US EPA standards of water filtration. LifeStraw Personal portable water filter is no exception, it offers exceptional filtration results. It will eliminate 99.9999 % and,99.9% of protozoan’s  that could be contained in the water. Essentially, this means that you can use it without the fear of contracting any waterborne diseases. It will be worth noting that LifeStraw products are fundamentally designed for use in Africa where waterborne diseases are rampant. It will serve you well in the camp and travel, also the emergency situation too.

LifeStraw Personal water filter is relatively easy to use. The instructions are clear and in my testing of this product, I did not get anything that I did not expect.

To use LifeStraw personal portable water filter, you screw open the filter on both ends. Secondly, you immerse it in your water source for approximately ten seconds. This allows for the filter to soak. Take several quick sips from the straw and go on to drink to your fill.Be assured that you are drinking safe drinking water. Isn’t this incredibly easy to use?

It will filter up to 264 gallons of water, approximately 1000 Liters. This is equivalent to close to a year in the outdoors.  It will give you peace of mind. If not regularly used, it will serve you long as you only need to uncap it to dry after every use.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

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LifeStraw First Use Instructions

LifeStraw is a small hollow tube with a special filter inside. Put one end inside the infiltrated water (can work in a glass, water bottle or open water bodies like rivers) and suck up through the top The water reaching your mouth is clean and purifies having passed through the specialized filters within the tube. This work pretty easy and simple just like a normal drinking straw.

Before you use the tube, Uncap and hold the LifeStraw upright in water for a moment. This will allow the water to rise up through the filtering membrane. Do a few quick sucks then the water will steam up easily afterward.

The survivor filter is one piece of equipment that is in the same league with the LifeStraw personal water filter. It goes for $ 30. It is hardy and durable with the major demerit being the integrity of its internal parts. Secondly, the screw of the bottle to the base unit may not efficiently close the base unit leading to leakages. It gets beaten down by the LifeStraw personal water filter in ease of use.

TrekUltra Personal Water Filter Straw with Emergency Camping Canteen-Portable is another feasible option in the search of portable personal water filters. It goes for $ 35 and exceeds EPA water filtration standards.


How To Clean LifeStraw

After every use, backflush the tube by blowing back into it through the mouthpiece to remove the remaining water that is still trapped within the filter membrane. It is better if you could get a clean water, suck up a little into the filter and backflush it once more. Shakes it a couple of times and leave both ends open to air dry naturally.


LifeStraw Doesn’t Work/LifeStraw Clogged

If your LifeStraw tube is not working properly or seems clogged then it means that it is dirty inside. This product does not expire as long as it is kept in a cool dark place, cleaned well after use and allowed to dry up between use. So the only way that can make it not to function well is when it is used in a dirty water and left uncleaned.

In case you drink from a dirty (muddy) water, uncap the tube, hold it up in a clean water (free from mud) then blow back down into it to flash out any residues that might have been trapped within the tube before you let it dry in an open place.


Sawyer bottle vs LifeStraw  

sawyer bottle vs lifestraw



There is no reason why everyone should not have the LifeStraw Personal portable water filter, it is a handy piece of equipment in emergency situations. It also finds its use in the outdoors and is a necessary addition to your traveling bag.

Water contamination is a globally sensitive issue. Water contamination will in the least cause you a stomach upset, in escalated situations, dysentery and typhoid are waterborne diseases that you would want to avoid.They can be life-threatening.

If you agree with me on those points, you will find $18.99 a negligible amount given the capacity of this item to ensure that you can travel, camp and hike without the worry of water safety.

For every LifeStraw sold, a child in Africa receives a full year of clean and safe drinking water. I personally think that this is a worthy initiative to support.

Go ahead; make it an addition to your emergency survival kit. For being the lightest and most efficient water filter, we recommend.

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