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LifeStraw mission is a gravity operated water filter. It is essentially a water purifier with superior capacities. LifeStraw products are fundamentally designed to serve in emergencies situations and aid in disaster preparedness. LifeStraw mission finds its use greatly appreciated in rural Africa, specifically by aid workers.  It is versatile, as such it can also be used to cater for group camping’s and travels. For a group camp of more than five people, the water needs may be of more than a hundred liters in a day. LifeStraw mission comes in to ensure that by just hanging the roll-up bag on a pole or a high structure, the group is assured of pure clean drinking water. It is surprisingly easy to maintain and is highly effective in delivering results in water filtration.

If you are looking to satisfy the needs of mission work and avoid hauling water back and forth, you will find LifeStraw Mission a handy addition to your traveling kit. Simply fill it up and have a large container to collect the pure water. It will serve you just right.

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Individual review:

LifeStraw mission water purification system package comprises of a BPA-free polyurethane water bag, a pre-filter, hose and a water purifier. In its first use, you will have to screw the pre-filter onto the bottom of the water bag. The pre-filter ensures that larger particles and debris inside the water does not get to the filters. This ensures that the filter remains clean and at your service for a longer period. This feature is special to LifeStraw mission. It guarantees that your water purifier stays clean at all times.

LifeStraw mission caters for the specifications of each user; you have the freedom to choose between the 5 Liter and the 12 Liter variants.

The water bag holds the untreated water and must be hung on a raised platform so that the water can flow by gravitational force into the filters (It’s a gravity filter). You can hang it on a tree, put a large collection bottle or container and you can wait to collect your drinking and cooking water.

It is important to rinse the bag a couple of times to ensure that it is as clean as possible before storage. Ideally, use tap water or already purified.

Another great feature with LifeStraw Mission is the ability to backflush; this eliminates sediments and thus ensures that the filter element stays functioning at optimum level. This aspect assures you that the rate of filtration is not affected by continuous use.


LifeStraw mission has a capacity to handle turbid and murky water, this is enhanced by a pre-filter that makes certain that twigs and large particulates do not get to the filter elements.

This elongates the life of the filters and ensures that you get pure and safe drinking water. Secondly, it is a long-term investment. LifeStraw mission is has a lifespan of filtering 18,000 liters. Considering this, you realize that it makes up for its price which might seem a little bit high by providing value in the long run. It is reassuring to realize that it exceeds US EPA standards. You will never get sick out of using this due to mere water contamination. Now that is a guarantee.

It is easy to set up and use. Another strong point of LifeStraw mission is its versatility; you will use it in a large group travel in the outdoors. Still, in off-grid areas, it is very practical to use in water purification.


While I would thoroughly recommend this product, it is only fair that I mention that you might find this product a little slow. It has a slow flow rate which it makes up with superior filtration levels.

Another thing is that you may find LifeStraw steel a little bulky. For lightweight missions, it may be an unnecessary weight on your luggage.

Buyer guide

For large groups, water needs in the outdoors or on a mission, several options exist that can be explored in water purification.

To begin with, the Katadyn gravity pump is one of the water purifiers that stand to serve in almost the same capacity as LifeStraw mission. As its name suggests, it requires no effort or battery power to accomplish its task. Leave it to the gravitational pull and you have your pure water. It will set you back $ 89.95. It has a significantly faster flow rate.

The MSR Guardian purifier pump is another option that seeks to solve the set of safe water needs that anyone on a mission has. The most immediate is that there is the unavailability of clean and safe drinking water. To begin with, this water purifier is on the high end in terms of price, it will set you back $ 349.95 and has extra viral protection. It’s a little bulky; considerations will have to be made as to whether the aid mission really necessitates the availability and transport logistics. Honestly speaking, this is engineered for the military and naturally withstands extra rough usage.

Why buy LifeStraw mission:

LifeStraw mission is a product intended specifically for that mission trip. Ideally, it captures the needs that water is always scanty, unavailable and its quality questionable for drinking. It has amazing water filtration results.

It assures you of a steady flow of water in the mission. For simply hanging the roll-up bag on a structure and having a large sized collection container, you are assured of 3 gallons of pure, clean and safe drinking water.

Again, for every LifeStraw mission that you purchase, you facilitate one child in Africa to access pure drinking water for an entire year. If this is not enough reason to make you want to purchase, the results of its filtration mechanism will impress you, it even moderately eliminates viruses. For missions, LifeStraw Mission is your sure bet in getting large quantities of safe drinking water.


The general sentiment is that the LifeStraw mission has superior water filtration. In fact, the US EPA classifies it as a water purifier, not a water filter. This is due to its efficacy in eliminating the virus in water too. It is the ideal water filter when going on a mission. It is reliable, has a great treatment capacity and is responsive to the real need of disaster preparedness, in this world of hurricanes and floods. It is wise to have one, whether on a mission or not, LifeStraw mission is essential.

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