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LifeStraw go water filter bottle is fundamentally a bottle that allows you to hike and travel without the worry of water contamination in your way. You simply scoop water from any source, fix the cap that has the filter equipment and there you are drinking water that is free from protozoan’s, viruses and bacteria. I find that the LifeStraw go Water bottle an essential item for anyone who enjoys the outdoors and loves a good hike. It gives you peace of mind knowing that your water concerns are settled in the portable water bottle that easily fits in your travel backpack.

The LifeStraw Go water bottle is unique, it has a capacity of 0.65 liters and is not large or bulky yet it offers extra filtration not just the elimination of odors or chlorine.

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LifeStraw go water filter bottle is a sturdy, ergonomic plastic water bottle that comprises of a carbon fiber hollow fiber element and a screw cap. Its use is amazingly easy, portable and enjoyable to use. There is absolute peace of mind in having this product for the outdoors; backpacking travels and hikes

Vestergaard in their conceptualization of LifeStraw products sought to ensure that anyone and everyone, more so in Africa have access to clean drinkable water regardless of where the source may be. It, therefore, adheres to the stringent measures of the US EPA and is therefore guaranteed to remove viruses, bacteria, and protozoans with an efficiency of over 99.999%. Its water filtration is award-winning.

What the Life straw go water filter bottle will do is ensure that you have clean, odorless and contaminant-free water with zero aftertastes regardless of the source. The technology is award-winning.

Using the LifeStraw go water filter bottle is easy as 1, 2, and 3. It is actually in three steps. Simply fill the bottle with dirty water, sip from the filtered water through the straw. The third step is to unscrew the lid and to blow through the LifeStraw. The importance of the third step is to clear any remaining water and maintain your LifeStraw in tip-top condition. You can now clip it on your bag or store it for later use

There is no pumping and no waiting (well except for a few minutes for the filter to soak), simply fill up your bottle and drink

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LifeStraw Go water filter bottle is really handy, portable and useable. It fits perfectly into a backpack and has a clip that can be easily attached to the waist of your backpack. It will not take up valuable space in your travel. It stands out as one of the most efficient water filters of its size and weight.

Another advantage of Life Straw go water filter bottle is that it’s constructed of a hardy and durable plastic. It will survive minor drops and rough treatment (Who needs an eggshell filter in travel?). Its replaceable carbon filter element ensures that your bottle serves you longer. You only need to replace the filters once they get worn out. This actually saves you money.

LifeStraw Go water filter bottle requires no power or batteries to operate. This is really practical for a product designed for the ‘Go’. You need not limit your hikes to locations where power is accessible. It is designed to serve the hiker perfectly, you are thirsty, you see water, you drink and you go. That is LifeStraw Go water filter for you.



The only disadvantage that I encountered while using this product is that the bottle leaks from the top where there is the air spout.

For my first use of this product, I had a hard time drawing in the water. It took quite some bit of effort to pull the water out of the bottle into my mouth Subsequent uses have made me realize the importance of waiting for a few minutes for the filter to soak. Guess the problem with hard sucking only applies when you do not have the patience to wait for the filter to soak.

It also requires quite some bit of effort to pull the water out of the bottle into your mouth.


CamelBak Groove 6L water bottle is another water filter that you would consider when thinking of water filtration on the go. It has got several demerits; the first is that it’s heavy, more so compared to the LifeStraw water filter. Secondly is that it also costs a few dollars above the item under review here. You should know that this is using simple plant-based filters and will not eliminate bacteria and viruses. Its purchase will set you back $ 38 on Amazon.

Bobble Water Bottle with Carrying Cap is another option in the search for portable water filters. It is practical and easy to use. However, it is designed to improve the quality of municipal water. It has a replaceable carbon water filter attached to its cap. It will not filter out. It goes for $9.39.


LifeStraw go water filter bottle is something that deserves a place in your bug out kit. It is perfect for the backpacking, camping’s, outdoors and travels. In any consideration, there is a need for water replenishing in travels. It will serve you perfectly. You will replenish your water needs and without the worry of the source.


It is common sense to take care of your water needs. For the great outdoors, LifeStraw Go water bottle is a necessary addition. For emergency preparedness, it will serve equally well. It offers the power of modern filtration in a small package. LifeStraw Go water filter bottle is great value for money. Selling at only $ 33.99; it is so far the only bottle water filter that will guarantee that you don’t get sick. For anyone who needs clean and safe water in the outdoors. LifeStraw Go water filter bottle will sort you out.  Here at, we definitely recommend.

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