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Lifestrawguide.com is here to provide you with news and information about Portable water filters that are on market today. We provide an insightful coverage of this topic and we also have a communication tool that enables you to talk back to us. We believe your views matters.


This is the website where consumers look for their preferred portable water filters reviews. You don’t need to look any further if you are searching for a portable water filter that is both functional and pocket-friendly.


The internet has made it very easy for customers to find what they need within the convenience of their homes or offices, and here at lifestrawguide.com we got you covered on matters dealing with portable water filters.


Our mission is to create awareness on the importance of clean and safe drinking water. Our website provides you with the information you need to know about portable water filters. This information should be readily available for the sake of our health and well being.


All the runners, Backpackers, Campers, and climbers will find this information very useful too. You can never be too sure about the quality of water that you will find outside there. But, with this kind of water filter, that is very light to carry around you will be less worried.


Up to now, we have tested more than 20 top water filters. Some have been really beneficial, while others have been a letdown. But, most importantly we have come to learn about the ones that truly work, and that is what we would like to share with you on this website. We hope that this website will save you the agony of trial and error and just go straight to the best products.


This website contains pages that are written and developed by a team of experts and we believe you will find every information here beneficial to you and truly worth your time. This is just the beginning, watch the space for more information.

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